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Welcome to this space 

I am here to help you through this  journey with love & grace .

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$ 70

This  session will involve scanning , cleansing & balancing of your energy field ( emotional, mental & physical bodies )using various modalities . I will also share additional messages & upgrades/activations that might  come through for you during  the session.

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This session includes a lightlanguage transmission ( audio file ) along with  a map/drawing with codes for quantum healing & progressions for you. We can focus on a specific area of concern as well.This is a remote session.





Twin flame/ parent-child /mothers-to-be etc.

The session will start with a talk , wherein we will discuss what you would like to work on. It will be followed by a healing involving scanning your  field , retrivals , cord -cutting , past-life clearing,  balancing etc depending on the guidance received from spirit . We will end the session with intuitive coaching .

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Tarot & Channeled messages for clarity & guidance . 

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Hello,I am Shipra , an Energy Healer & Lightworker. Most of my life,  I have been a spiritual seeker & that has  led me to  study , learn & practise various healing methods & modalities.I have amalgamated all of my learnings & condensed  them into a unique &  personal way of healing.It is my life ‘s purpose to help all those who seek this medicine . Blessings ! 

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Connor Mclellan

I had a 60 minute Intuitive Healing Session with Shipra. At the start of the session, I brought up some emotional and childhood wounding I was going through. Shipra respected my space and guided me through this in a way that made me feel very comfortable. In her presence, I saw these patterns in a new light and felt a big breakthrough of emotional relief. Before I knew it, we were up in the stars as we began connecting to higher dimensions, Shipras amazing ability to hold space for higher wisdom allowed me to connect with my families of light, something that deeply moved me and left me with an open heart. Shipra is a versatile and loving healer and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone interested in working with her. Connor


We come to healers when we need comfort, support and understanding, that we’re not alone walking on the path of purifying our souls. Shipra understands the ups and downs of such path with great insight and experiences- she holds you and guides you to a place where you feel empowered and safe to ride the waves again. Shipra’s presence is grounding, still and full of compassion. Her close connection with Earth and higher realms made me feel relaxed and protected. I trust her discernment about energies. I also love the fact that Shipra can tune into galactic/angelic/emotional/mental and physical realms to help decode my concerns, and balance these multidimensional realms to a balanced state as guided by Spirit. I felt the love and strength from Shipra throughout our session. I thank Spirit for guiding me to Shipra. I send infinite blessings from my heart to Shipra and bet wishes to her healing services. Thank you for seeing me Shipra.Joann 

Carrie Boling

I received the Intuitive Healing from Sa-Hi-Rah today and I feel so much better afterward.  I had provided some areas in which I would like her assistance and she was able to tie these physical expressions of pain into their energetic sources and resolve them. It truly feels like working with an ancient source of wisdom when receiving healing from her.  She used her guidance to gently ask questions that guided me to the root emotional cause of these issues and helped resolve that as well. She also provided some divine guidance on how to ultimately rid myself of the patterns for good. Sa-hi-rah is truly gifted and I felt her loving support and felt so safe as she walked me through this clearing. In addition, I had been having trouble sleeping recently and I had the best nap after receiving her loving healing. Thank you! 

Mav Skye

I felt completely held, guided and protected during the beautiful and intense healing with Si-Ha-Rah today. I communicated with her about challenges with integration from 5D realms and different timelines with my human body and how I felt cognitive dissonance. I also have been having issues with my tear ducts. As she conducted the healing, she was able to pinpoint old blockages in my root chakra. As she worked with golden light to release this, I started feeling various sensations in my right shoulder and above my right eyebrow. She was able to pin point the source of these which was actually from a long time ago when I first began this journey and she cleared and healed these and gave me guidance on how to protect myself going forward. She also released blockages from third eye (that was causing issues with my tear ducts.) Her light language was pure magic and I felt dark energy lodged in my third eye (which I had been unaware of before this) completely dissolve. This also allowed the divine energy from the 5D realms to pass through. I also feel I received codes in the form of a pink rose colored light that I have continued to feel after the healing. The entire time I felt safe, held and completely at ease. Shipra is wise, masterful and precise with divine light energy and I will certainly return to her to release and remove blockages. Afterwards, I went outside and stood in the sunlight and felt so much light moving through my chakras. ♥️ I have so much gratitude for you, Shipra.       Thank you!

Ana Martinez

Sa-Hi-Rah holds you in her arms before the session starts and you fall into her warmth and peaceful presence, opening your heart, feeling that now you are safe and protected. She wraps you with love, listening to you with care and compassion and looking in a conscientious way for the roots of the wounds and the pain, giving you comfort and understanding where it was dark before. She worked with me healing layers related to my lack of self esteem, abundance and past and presents relationships on this life and past lifes, scanning my field and cutting cords and clearing my chakras and field with accuracy and clear vision.  She gave me clarity about my mission as a healer, and she held me in her warmth when I was in tears, bringing me comfort and peace and the messages and the love from my angels and team of light. Sa-Hi-Ra is a balm for the soul, healing loving and powerful. 🙏🏻💖 


I had wonderful healing with Shipra . She set up a relax and supportive space during the session. She scanned like a laser that she swiftly spotted different blockages on my crown and heart areas. She adeptly identified and helped me to access heavy long-time suppressed emotions and feeling due to karmic relationships with my brother and his children. I felt very safe to let my guard down and all emotions to flow, to let the tears that’ve been kept for years to flood out. She helped me to release and clear this, and also gave me guidance on how I could continue healing the relationships and stopping energy leakage. Shipra later noticed lots of entangled cords on my womb related to my maternal energy. Her probe and question made me realize that I have tendency to sympathize and take mother role to children around me. Following Shipra guidance, I cut cords with my nephew, niece, cousins, and children that I interacted with. I felt very emotional and sad but realize that I need to do it to claim back my energy. My deep gratitude for having session with Shipra, so blessed. 

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